What is GUE?

Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) is a non-profit based in High Springs, Florida that has developed expansive programs to support its mission with educational opportunities as well as conservation and exploration initiatives around the world.

GUE's Vision:

To establish an educated, proficient global community of scuba divers inspired and empowered to conserve and explore the world’s aquatic environments.

Mexico's Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve photo: ©2003 Sam Meacham

GUE's Mission:

Global Underwater Explorers emerged out of a shared desire to safely explore and protect the underwater world and to improve the quality of education and research in all things aquatic. In line with the original vision of its founding members, GUE is committed to:

  • Developing safe, skilled, and knowledgeable divers
  • Undertaking and promoting underwater research
  • Pursuing global underwater exploration
  • Safeguarding the integrity of the underwater world
  • Providing the public with a comprehensive resource on all things aquatic.

Working to redefine the ties binding the average underwater enthusiast to underwater explorers, conservationists, and scientific researchers, GUE is committed to the overall goal of promoting the interests of the underwater world and of those who seek to engage it.

notable GUE projects around the world:


The Magnificent Mars 

Lost in a naval battle in 1564, the warship Magnificent Mars was the pride of Sweden.  After a tireless search it was discovered in 2011 by a team of GUE divers.  Ongoing research on the Mars is uncovering many mysteries.

Mexico Cave Exploration 

The cenotes and underground rivers play an important role as conduits for freshwater in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.  They are also under threat from development of the tourist industry.  Find out what a group of GUE divers are doing to raise awareness about these precious ecosystems.

Photo Alison Perkins ©2016  www.inspiredtodive.com

Photo Alison Perkins ©2016 www.inspiredtodive.com

The Hoyo Negro Project

Discovered in 2007 by a group of GUE divers, Hoyo Negro is a treasure trove of information on the Pleistocene (ice age) environment of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula and the America's as a whole.  The discovery of human remains intermixed with those of mega fauna raise many questions about who the first people were to arrive in the Americas.

photo Roberto Chavez Arce ©2014

photo Roberto Chavez Arce ©2014

Baseline Explorer

Baseline Explorer provides a full scale expeditionary platform that works in concert with GUE divers and Project Baseline to conduct research around the world.  See how some of the most advanced technology available today is being utilized with GUE dive team support.